The Amherst Lecture In Philosophy.


Lecture 9, 2014

“The Quest for Free Labor”
Elizabeth Anderson
University of Michigan

Lecture 8, 2013

“Panpsychism and Panprotopsychism”
David J. Chalmers
Australian National University, New York University

Lecture 7, 2012

“Perception, Representation, Language”
Frank Jackson
Princeton University, The Australian National University, La Trobe University

Lecture 6, 2011

“Some Remarks on Intention in Action”
John McDowell
University of Pittsburgh

Lecture 5, 2010

“Reflections on the Evolution of Morality”
Christine M. Korsgaard
Harvard University

Lecture 4, 2009

“Probability and Danger”
Timothy Williamson
Oxford University

Lecture 3, 2008

“Inadvertence and Responsibility”
Harry G. Frankfurt
Princeton University

Lecture 2, 2007

“ ‘Borges and I’ and ‘I’ ”
John Perry
Stanford University

Lecture 1, 2006

“So It Goes”
J. David Velleman
New York University